Take THAT Inertia

Dear Reader,

Today was fun:

12 am – 1 am: Finish a 6 page theological reflection, write a 4 page paper on the psalms of imprecation, and translate in the process two things from Latin (POW!); also, translate Latin works of St. Albert the Great to incorporate into preaching later in the day.

Wake up at 6:45am, go down to chapel and pray for an hour, until 8pm Lauds (Morning prayers).

9:20am – Walk over to Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis.

9:45am – Upon entering sacristy, be made crucifer (I got to carry the crucifix!) and then realize that I am also the head server and have NO idea how they do things at the Cathedral. Get very confused, but muddle through various events such as ringing the bell at the wrong time in epiclesis and handling pagans trying to receive the Blessed Sacrament.

11:20am – Walk back home.

12:00pm – Start cooking appetizers: beer bratwurst with sauerkraut on top, hand-made pretzels with a mustard-cream cheese dip and a chocolate frosting dip, and potato latkes with sour cream and applesauce topping.

3:30pm – Finish and set up just in time for party. And, despite starting a grease fire in the kitchen, only get 2 spots on my habit. SWEET.

3:30pm – Party starts and I eat like a hundred of everything I made. Caloric intake begins to cloud my judgment and causes a nasty cycle of internal conflict. I succumb.

5:00pm – Vespers (evening prayer) starts; I have to preach before the Dominican brothers, sisters, and laity. Yikes. Trying neither to vomit, pee myself, or laugh at my own jokes.

5:20pm – Trying to avoid laughing at my own jokes while I am preaching. That would be bad form.

5:30pm – Preaching finished. Sit down trying still not to laugh at my own jokes.

6:00pm – Finally, no more work…until tomorrow!


Take THAT inertia!

(I completely forgot that in the original post)

PS – I will have my preaching up ASAP. It needs approval from our revered senior fathers. I will also alert you, in advance, to a special media project we Dominicans will have going shortly. We intend to start a website which will network our preaching and present it to the world. As a beginning, we have begun a YouTube channel which currently contains items like our weekly preaching. I encourage you to have a look at it: www.youtube.com/preachingfriars.

You never know – you might see your humble servant on there sometime soon! Subscribe today!

Yours in Christ,

Br. James Dominic, OP



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