Jumping Ship

Dear Readers,

To those who may or may not be aware, I’m something of an Anglophile (despite the significant part of my ethnic heritage which is Irish; cognitive dissonance be damned!). Personally, I spend time each day looking for an excuse to go to merry ol’ England so that I can come back with a ridiculously exaggerated and pompous accent. Other than that, however, I am also wholeheartedly concerned about the souls of English; as much, of course, as with any other ethnic group (read who these Friars Preachers are at the top of the page and you’ll get my drift).

I am a particular lover of classical Catholic English culture, especially medieval. For example, St. Bede’s Ecclesiastical History is a book I like to read about once every year. This also often coincides with a goodly portion of Blackadder spontaneously appearing on my PDA and a Christmas pudding in my steamer. I delight in the great heroes of English lore: Bede, Edward the Confessor, Thomas of Canterbury, Thomas More, John Fischer, and the great John Henry Newman.

In the spirit of Newman, though, there is a great longing in my heart to see England reunite to the See of Peter. I cannot but feel that the spiritual greatness of the English and the patronage of the Blessed Virgin managed to produce, even apart from full communion with Rome, the figures of Richard Hooker and the spiritual powerhouses of the Oxford Movement.

That is why I was very excited by the following news article:


I am very pleased at the news, not for the misfortune of the many well-intentioned Anglicans, but for the fact that so many will now enter into the fullest unity with the Church. Our godly Pope Benedict is the Pope of Christian Unity!

I pray everyday that the Anglicans would jump with me onto the bark of Peter so that we could, together, join in the thrice Angelic Hymn and dance a jig on the bow.

Yours in Christ,

Br. James Dominic, OP


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