New Priory

Dear Readers,

I am excited about the move to our new priory. As the renovations have not been completed, I cannot promise much in the following pictures (courtesy of Br. Paul Byrd at ) but you’ll certainly get an idea of what we’re looking at:

One might note that they took into account my recommendations on protecting the building against unwanted attacks from zombies, velociraptors, etc. by boarding all the windows

More than enough room on the porch for mounted anti-air cannons.

Note the wire in the center of this shot. The new priory comes pre-wired with self-destruct capable explosives in the event of compromised prioral integrity. Clever girl.

Praying in complete darkness is a small price to pay for the strategic upper hand in combat scenarios. This is not, however, an improvement upon the current priory - we currently pray in a windowless basement which is also currently (as far as I know) zombie-free. Coincidence? I think not.

Br. Paul and I have each reserved the horsies. I have the YELLOW one.

The center shot depicts the bush DISGUISED as a bush that will vigilantly protect the south-western quadrant. Also, the cameras have been added to spy certain adversaries from a distance - namely, Jehovah's Witnesses.

The city has required that we place signs to indicate the presence of landmines in the front lawn. Socialism has begun to corrupt this beautiful nation of ours.

Fortress of death or your traditional "religious" house? You can help decide!

Seriously, our province’s Dominican student friars have had to live and pray in a hotel basement for the past thirty years. It’s about time we had our own beautiful priory. Help us make that dream a reality! You can send a donation to the provincial office as per the sidebar’s instructions – just mark it “For the new priory” (As of yet, we haven’t got anything set up to deal with electronic donations – sorry).

Each person who donates will be helping to advance the preaching and evangelizing mission of the Dominican friars!

Thank you for your support!

Yours in Christ,

Br. James Dominic, OP


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