How I Exercise

Dear Readers,

I have had this sitting in my “draft” folder for a while.

I contemplated actually releasing this to the viewing public, but decided against my better judgment (wouldn’t that be my better judgment?) to do so.

Let me walk you through this poor attempt on my part to be funny. I apologize in advance.

Really? Come on. Totally stolen from Hyperbole and a Half.



This is supposed to be me going to the gym. To preempt some questions, no, we Dominicans don’t really go to the gym in our habits. I don’t even know why I drew it that way.


Shows you what theology term papers can do to a person MAN (see what I mean? the PC is getting even to me!).


This is supposed to be an elliptical machine. It looks like a giant high-heel shoe. I don’t know, that’s kind-of appropriate given that I drew lips and eye-lashes on it… but it looks nothing like a real elliptical machine. Compare:

Chillin', but looking very little like a lady's shoe. Freudian slip?

The squiggles are flames? Ick. Now it’s a black shoe that isn’t even the same shape as the old one. And I look like a Cone Head.

I do like the shackles, though. Art – 0.9, Me – 1.1.0

I win.

Don’t bother me about the former statement – this whole strip is a rip-off. I’ve given up on originality for today.

I look mildly like an elephant pooping, with a Marx brothers’ wig on my head.

That’s almost funny.


But, as always, Senor Chang is the prescription to all my worries (yes, he’s really a doctor). I don’t realize how this was supposed to fit into the rest of the strip, so I gave up.

If there was one word to sum up the above attempt, I think it would be “fail.”


Yours in Christ,

Br. James Dominic, OP


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