Dear Readers,

South Koreans are rather obsessed with StarCraft.

To illustrate, the following image from a South Korean soap opera is Exhibit A. I have not tampered with this image in any way:

A metaphor I, for one, want to hear more often.


A friend of mine posted this article, wherein the defense minister of South Korea declares [about recent attacks and South Korean military response]: “This isn’t StarCraft.”

But I can imagine that it was.

(Personally, I think Kim Jong Il is probably closer to a baneling than a hydralisk, but I have limited photographic resources – give me a break!)


If only we could lift off the real South Korea until the Zerg swarm wore itself out…. *sigh*

Well, in the meantime, at least he’s putting out slick tracks.

It’s because he’s so ronrey.


Yours in Christ,

Br. James Dominic, OP


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