I Feel Obliged To Discuss Dolphin Torpedoes

Dear Readers,

In the interest of full disclosure, I feel I must share this with you:

This blog is #1 for DOLPHIN TORPEDOES!

Just kidding, three people apparently were looking for dolphin torpedoes on Google and, instead, were happily surprised by my blog.

In further obligation, I feel that this blog should become the WORLD hotsite for any problems or issues relating to dolphin torpedoes. In fact, to ensure that as many people as possible visit my site which looking for dolphin torpedoes, I will now type a few things relating to dolphin torpedoes and spam Google with my insanities:


dolphin torpedoes, dolphin torpedoes, dolphin torpedoes, dolphin torpedoes, dolphin torpedoes

The major torpedoes in the United States Navy inventory are:

Tursiops truncatus in its natural environs - or a potentially lethal wake-homing fire-and-forget submersible of the genus Delphinus? Only time and the CORPSES SCATTERED IN ITS WAKE will tell.

Dangerously antiquated Pre-Dolphin technology

Smile! I'm homing in on your wake so that I KILL YOU.

A Mark 32 Mod 15 Surface Vessel Torpedo Tube (SVTT) fires a Mark 14 DOLPHIN TORPEDO! OMG! Hide the kids! Where's Billy? HE'S TOO SLOW - LEAVE HIM BEHIND!


Now we will check my Google results in a few days to see how many people discover the wonders of the DOLPHIN TORPEDO! DOLPHIN TORPEDO! DOLPHIN TORPEDO! DOLPHIN TORPEDO! DOLPHIN TORPEDO! DOLPHIN TORPEDO! DOLPHIN TORPEDO! DOLPHIN TORPEDO!

Yours in Christ,

Br. James Dominic, OP


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