Sharing is Caring

Dear Readers,

In context, the following makes sense:

For a prayer service, I was called upon to compose my own psalm lamenting current conditions, such as they are. With so much to lament, I had valiantly risen to the task and created my own psalm of lament. While it was truly a thing of beauty, the second line contained the phrase “bear…despair,” which prompted a conversation about the Care Bears and possible iterations thereof. This became a discussion about the


To be perfectly clear, this was drawn by someone much more talented than me. This is the bonus of living in religious community - I can mooch of all my religious brothers' achievements both in this life and the next!

At this point, it’s really not all that funny to me.

I don’t really know what I’m doing right now, so I’m going to sleep. I leave you to make the comedic connections I am now unable to.

You’re welcome.

Yours in Christ,

Br. James Dominic, OP

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