Evaluate the Following Picture

Dear Reader,

Take a gander at the following picture:


At a casual first glance, what is the above image about? Equipped for what mission?

There’s a bit of a religious symbol on the book the one woman is holding. And a fuzzy microphone. Then there’s a cat.


If you guessed this was an ad for some sort of women’s group…

…you’d be kind-of right.


It’s an vocation t-shirt for religious sisters, or nuns!

But that’s just the problem; it’s not identifiable.

They want to be seen as just like everyone else but are still trying to sell their distinctive “brand.”

That just isn’t going to happen.


You can’t sell a niche product that is purposely created to fill no niche.

NEW AND IMPROVED! Water in a Bottle TM! ...Oh, wait....


And it also describes why things have not been going well for the sisters. ‘Cause we can’t even identify what it is they’re selling.

Those groups, however, that advertise well with their entire lives and a clear/identifiable mission-oriented attitude, and not merely with pins or hardly identifiable t-shirts, are the ones that continue to do well.

Can you spot the nuns in the above picture? (Hint: The copying machine is not a nun)


Just some “deep thoughts” from your very own,

Br. James Dominic, OP


PS – I’ve been on retreat, etc., which explains why I’ve been just too lazy…erm…busy to post anything over the past few days. Don’t worry! I’ll be posting more soon.

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