It Took About Two Seconds…

…For me to favorite this video.

Dear Readers,

I love Asia, as it mirrors the course of my average, everyday imagination. Everything is a crazy, allegorical-but-loosely-connected musical number. Bollywood is just one such expression.

But brace yourself for this big-time dance hit from Real China (TM), garnering about a million-and-a-half views:

I am SERIOUSLY ¬†considering making a “literal music video” for this song. It doesn’t make any sense; I’d think the same is true even if I knew Chinese. Which I, sadly, don’t. All I heard, from a commentator on the video, is that the refrain “Bobee” is supposed to be “Bo Peep.” I have no idea if that’s true – but if there’s anything the Internet is for, it’s about spreading unsupported misinformation in a highly efficient manner! [Read Update PSS Below for the REAL meaning!]

You may now return to your ordinary lives, citizens.

Or not….

Yours in Christ,

Br. James Dominic, OP

PS – My video player on YouTube automatically played the following after the above video. I suggest you watch them in the order I saw them in – the comedic value becomes exponential:

‘Nuff said.

High School Chemistry becomes a dance-off! No wonder Asians do Science better.

If I had kids, I would make them dance to this song while dressed as Santa Claus too. Teach them real discipline. Now we know the real Chinese education talked about in the WSJ.

The party after my – God willing – perpetual profession of vows should include a dance number like this, too.

Imagine if YOUR dad had 300,000 hits on YouTube for doing this.

PSS – The following is a translation of the song:

See? The song is actually religious! Get that!

I wonder if using this as a Mass setting for the new Missal translation will spark a whole new Chinese Rites Controversy? There’s only one way to find out….

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