Buddha and YOU

Dear Readers,

Here’s another fun tidbit of information. Not many people know that Buddhism has something like an ecumenical council. So far, there have been roughly six such councils in the history of Buddhism. The most recent, the sixth council, was held in Burma and concluded in 1956.

The Vatican II of Buddhism?

The main work of the Council was to correct and codify the complete Buddhist scriptures as used by the Theravada tradition of Buddhism, as originally written in Pali, and to translate said documents into other major Buddhist languages.

But WE know better, don’t we? I think the Council didn’t listen enough to the voices of Buddhist laypeople, who are currently being oppressed by the hierarchic-monastic clerical power structures in a state of social sin. The Spirit of the Council calls us to liberate the layperson from the tyranny of Buddhist dogma, of karmic reincarnation, and to sing a new Church…er, Sangha…into being which fully fits what WE want in our contemporary Buddhism. Like all that prohibition of sex – I mean, what’s with that? Ending obligatory celibacy for Buddhist monks and nuns is a requirement of justice!

I think we should attend to the signs of the times and go with the Spirit of the Council, don’t you?

Yours in Christ,

Br. James Dominic, OP

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