St. Thomas’ Feast

Dear Readers,

Tonight is gonna be a bit of a cooking blow-out on my end. I’m cooking the following:

Black and White Cookies (Just kidding; I made these yesterday for ANOTHER Thomas party)

Lemon Cornmeal Cake with a Lime Glaze and Crushed Blueberry Syrup

Curried Herring on Toasted Rye

The cookies seemed to turn out well yesterday, except that I made them about 3 times too big! Then, on top of it, I didn’t have time to frost them. This led to a “frost your own cookie” party.

I will also be breaking out a very fine Belgian Abbey Beer, Affligem. I very much enjoy Tripels, so I expect this will be no exception to that rule. I’, sure our holy brother Thomas Aquinas would approve:

I think the cake should be fine; the syrup tastes pretty good already! I’m planning on icing the top of the two cakes to read, “Bene Scripsisti De Me, Thoma” and “Thou hast written well of me, Thomas” (one in Latin and the other in the language of the realm) – these come from a vision that Thomas Aquinas had: he presented to the crucifix his treatise on the Eucharist (pioneering the metaphysics of transubstantiation) and the voice of Jesus emanated from the crucifix with those words.

Holy Mother Church presents the crucifix to Thomas in this scene, with Aristotle at the bottom.

The curried “sauce” into which the herring will go is pretty good, although mildly green-ish from the coarse mustard I put in it. That’s somewhat of a turn-off, I imagine. I haven’t really had herring, so I’m relying on the Scandinavians for this recipe.  I really, really hope they know what they’re doing, because I imagine herring is a very “fishy” fish. The herring was the only “Thomas-y” food I could think was directly related to his life. On his death bed, Thomas asked for herring from the monks at the Cistercian abbey where he died. The monks found a fish merchant who happened to be out of herring, but came to bring something else (a good capitalist, that one). When he arrived, he opened his baskets only to find that they were full of herring! And so, curried herring seems an appropriately Thomistic catch.

Possibly miraculous herring torpedoes?

The world will never know.


Yours in Christ,

Br. James Dominic, OP

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