Easter Preparation

Dear Reader,

I hope you had a wonderful Spy Wednesday (involving much Bond) and an even more beautiful Maundy Thursday (involving much Maund)!

Today, as you probably already know, is Good Friday. We Dominicans, as you would also probably imagine,  are praying hard for all mankind – we have about 5 solemn prayer times a day (which is about normal, but it sounds impressive). We are also wearing our very handsome cappas (the big black capes) to all of our prayer, which makes a rather impressive sight.

Anyhoo, I’m getting ready for Easter, as I will be cooking three (3!) different items for the 40 or so friars in the building:

For the Vigil night, I will be making Hot Cross Buns!

For the appetizer before Easter dinner, I will create some Croques Jacobin (my own little creation) – more info to come.

And, for dessert, I am making Noir et Blanc Ouefs al a Niege (also a bit of fun from my brain).

I will publish some recipes – hopefully with accompanying pictures! – over the next few days.

I pray that you and your families are having a beautiful, holy, and grace-filled Triduum!

Yours in Christ,

Br. James Dominic, OP

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