Radio Veritas

Dear Reader,

Here in South Africa, Fr. Emil Blaser, OP, a Dominican friar of the vicariate, runs a radio station called “Radio Veritas.” This morning, I was invited to accompany him for a short tour of the facility and to see the operation of the station. The station has encountered some difficulties, financial and otherwise, with the chief being the government’s dilly-dallying in providing them a real FM frequency. Currently, Radio Veritas broadcasts on satellite television and over the Internet, reaching an estimated couple million listeners.

I was interviewed by Fr. Emil both on my own vocation and on the state of vocations/youth in America. Of course, I had to promote the Dominicans and our very own! My broadcast went well (according to Fr. Emil!) and will be aired this Sunday at 12-1pm (6-7am EST, 5-6am CDT). It will be aired again on the Solemn Feast of St. Dominic on the 8th of August. For those of you not keen on getting up at 5 or 6am in the States, Fr. Emil will shortly provide me with a recording of my edited interview to post. As soon as this becomes available, I will make it present both here and on as a separate blog post.

My impression is that the hope here in South Africa for religious vocations is very low, and the future of the Church is not seen as very bright. But, as I told the receptionist at Radio Veritas, “It’s not the Holy Spirit making the mistakes!” Hopefully, my interview will provide a fresh perspective to inspire more native vocations here in South Africa and contribute to a renewal of the Church in this area of the world. Because, of course, the Holy Spirit is still active; we just need to listen to His voice! Keep praying for the Church both in your own country and universal!


Yours in Christ,

Br. James Dominic, OP

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