A Rare Bird

Dear Reader,

You’ve won! Kind-of, at least…. Research shows that not many younger Catholics are getting on the Internet to satisfy questions about their faith or enhance their spiritual life.


This is pretty much what I’ve thought before. The Internet is a great media cache; it contains LOTS of information and video that can be used to connect people, but people don’t get connected if they don’t WANT to be connected. But how does one create market share, so to speak? It requires one of two things: advertisement on major places people go to on the Internet (a rather tall order and one that does not necessarily work; it’s also rather gimmicky for religion to try this, by its nature), or advertisement/promotion outside of the Internet. In my case, I think the primary place we need to promote the faith and evangelize are in the territorial bounds of the parish, the diocese, or other local area (a proposal I know seems outdated – people have been saying territorial parishes are useless for years). If we can’t do that there, we will have little success on the Internet. Sure, we need to use the Internet as a resource for those seeking the Church, but we need to promote it as a resource, not as necessarily a place of first contact. Religion, like philosophy, is rather difficult to do on the Internet by its very nature. The Internet can organize our religious affairs and unite people, but it should begin and terminate in face-to-face meetings and events.

And that’s where we Dominicans step in. We have resources in person and online.

Come visit our website: www.preachingfriars.org. Promote it to your friends and family. We’ll be starting some new preaching series soon on the social doctrine of the Church, some of which might be of interest to those of you (I know you’re reading this!) who aren’t even particularly Catholic in inclination. Then use the website as an opportunity for conversation!

Maybe even come over to the priory for scones and tea 🙂


Yours in Christ,

Br. James Dominic, OP

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