Nova Ordo Cellae

Dear Reader,

After visiting the new priory for a recent open house, I was able to take pictures of my new room assignment! To give you an idea of the room, it’s on one side of the third floor, in a bit of an alcove (these exist on each end of each floor by design, segmenting the floors). We’ll be having a much more definite cloister, so I don’t imagine much talking will occur in the hallways of the new priory (ie, I won’t have to worry that people won’t talk to me because I’m away from the main hallway). The new rooms are very fancy and mine has a blue “accent wall.” I leave the pictures to do ’nuff of the ‘splainin’.


The "long" shot of the room


The doorway into my room

And the bathroom. Very spiffy.


Stop by our priory’s building website to continue to see updates! Also, we have some fine and dandy naming opportunities available. Consider how we are just a few dollars away from having a chapel named after Bl. Adrian Fortescue, TOP, or St. James Kyushei Tomonaga, OP! Only YOU can ensure that justice is done!

If you can’t donate the $500,000 to name the chapel after Bl. Adrian or St. James Kyushei, consider a donation of a couple hundred dollars to name all of our silverware after each of the Japanese martyrs! Or, what is not listed on the naming opportunities sheet, you could have the altar, ambo, or tabernacle after the Three Holy Hierarchs for just under $30,000.

In all seriousness, consider giving whatever you can and we will certainly be praying for you!


Yours in Christ,

Br. James Dominic, OP


PS – I would love our silverware to be named after the Japanese martyrs, though!


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