Conical Chasuble Sighting!

Dear Reader,

Alert! A conical chasuble was recently sighted at the Institutio Aquinatis, on the basement floor. Probably the first time a conical chasuble was identified in close proximity to a bathroom….

As you can see, this is a Dominican priest saying low Mass in a conical chasuble, with a little Dominican altar server. St. Catherine of Siena is in the other frame of the picture and is a scene from her life.

I apologize in advance, as I know you probably won’t be able to sleep now after seeing a conical chasuble – I can only take about one a day, personally, from the sheer overwhelming awesomeness of these ecclesiastical creations.

PS – If you were REALLY kind and lovely and sweet and moist, etc., you could purchase a conical chasuble from St. Bede’s Studio as a Christmas gift to that priest (and parish) you love so much (pictures of their conical chasuble here; Watts & Co. also makes them, but they are probably more expensive than St. Bedes’ and lack the full maniple, chalice veil, and burse combo options).

Yours in Christ,

Br. James Dominic, OP

PSS – Or, you could consider purchasing such a beautiful thing for those poor, humble, and lovely Dominican friars in your life. Remember: our new chapel could always use some handsome vestments 🙂

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