Advent Prayers for Suicides and Those Who Leave the Church

Reading Brethren,

I just saw a picture of this fellow on Facebook and was interested to learn more about his life; so I did via the beauties of Wikipedia.

Skip to the part about how his life ended.
I find that part intensely evil and it brought back some other memories about the ending of another famous couple:  Joseph Goebbels did a similar thing with his wife.
I find this scene depicting the ending of children and the latter couple’s lives one of the creepiest in the history of cinema, from the movie Downfall.
First, the kids, whom Marda Goebbels killed by cracking cyanide tablets in their mouths after she had given them sleeping draughts:
Then, second, Joseph and Marda kill themselves at 5:40 (there’s no audio):
I find that kind of evil too much for me to handle.
 And, to top it all off: Goebbels was brought up a Catholic and sent to a Franciscan boarding school before he lost his faith and became a Nazi.
Pray during this Advent season for those who commit suicide and all those outside the Church or who leave the Church.
Yours in Christ,
Br. James Dominic, OP
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