We Love You Mugabe

Reading Brethren,

This is hilarious. When I was in South Africa, Nando’s Portugese Fried Chicken was very popular (they’re a native brand). Them and KFC essentially had a corner on the fast-food market. They put out this TV ad making fun of Mugabe, who really is a rather nasty chap – he’s certainly been oppressing the Catholic Church and Her bishops, who are the only ones with enough gumption to stand up to his dictatorial ways. Anyway, here it is:

Nobody should ever eat alone.

Their economy is in the tank  so much (due to Mugabe’s nationalization of all industry and driving out productive people) that it is comical.  I went into a place that dealt with Zimbabwean refugees, in Cape Town, and they had a joke picture on their wall:


Someone I met from Zimbabwe was actually paid in Quintillions of Zim dollars! A quintillion (that’s 10^18th)! They abandoned the currency in 2009, so I’m not exactly sure what their status is these days. Anyway, sad times for the Church in Africa. Hopefully Mugabe can take a hint….

Yours in Christ,

Br. James Dominic, OP

PS – They have a history of edgy promos:

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