A Sighting of Liturgical Puppets in Tridentine Catholic History

Dear Reading Brethren,

One of the most distinctive – and strange – elements of the “women’s ordination” and “Call to Action” crowd is their fascination with these large things I think of as “liturgical puppets.” They are, of course, entirely non-liturgical (nowhere are such god-awful things proscribed in pagan or Catholic rituals), but they are used by them for some odd, occult purpose in their coven-like gatherings. They often are seen carrying clay “pots” of incense (FYI, kids, incense is for swinging, not for spinning – the more you know…) and dancing around “gathering” or “worship” “spaces.”

And, yes, those are the quotation marks of disdain I am using.

I hesitated even posting this hideous nonsense on my blog as a joke. And this comes from somebody who put up photos of ear-candling!

However, I have discovered today that such things are not entirely unhistorical, as I demonstrate from this 18th century imprint. Witness the following photo and look real hard right around the middle of the picture:

They are being carried, appropriately, in front of what are most likely (probabilist!) Jesuits (marked "H" for various allegorical purposes)

You see those puppets being held up in the air? Of course you do.

Well, let’s look at the full page, eh?

It is the Inquisition of Goa, India!

Ah, the sweet irony!

And the puppets are in fact the effegies of heretics awaiting their burning by my brave inquisitorial Dominican brethren, ready to cleanse the earth of their heretical sinfulness.

Well, I would have burnt the Call-to-Action puppets if I were given the chance.

Dominicans of all historical periods apparently think the same.

Great minds and all that.

Yours in Christ,

Br. James Dominic, OP

  1. #1 by Sean Stevenson z on January 5, 2012 - 2:34 am

    After a quick post dinner nap, I headed on out to brave the lines and hoards and hoards of people already awaiting the 10 o clock hour at Wal Mart.

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