Moving Week

Dear Reading Brethren,

I just want to let you know that the move is really beginning to take off, here at St. Dominic Priory. Today was beginning to pack everything in the chapel sacristy and throw away all the trash. Tomorrow and the next few days will be chocked full of moving goodness, so I won’t have much chance to do much posting, I assume. Check out the most recent pictures of the new priory (added Dec. 9th) on! The chapel will be complete a little later than the rest of the building, but should be done by mid to late February.

Anyway, it was a moving week on two fronts – the above and the following:

I just received a donation from my Amazon wish list and I want to thank the nice person who purchased “The Trinity and Our Moral Life” by Fr. Ceslaus Spicq, OP – it will be put in our community library at the new house and will be very useful. I will be praying for you this Christmas, and I will certainly include all my readers in my Advent prayers as we get closer to the holidays.

And remember, this is Gaudete Sunday! Rejoice!

Yours in Christ,

Br. James Dominic, OP

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