Abraham Lincoln and Friar Flix

Dearest Reader,

Today has been a fantastic day for zany and interesting news. Now, to top it off, Allah the Compassionate, Merciful, Generous, and Beneficient has dropped this in my lap.

The title on my Christian Science Monitor RSS feed is:

Abraham Lincoln, vampire hunter? What if it were true?


Oh. my. God.

Right after I campaign on Facebook and among my friends for the worthiness of Iron Sky, which looks like a version of Spaceballs/Blazing Saddles for the 22nd century, I am faced with the Christian Science Monitor not only mentioning the new film Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter but, in fact, writing a rather laudatory piece about it.

What I can tell you is that a ticket to BOTH of these movies is on my agenda and has already been worked into my budget.

What I can’t yet tell you is how exactly either of these movies will turn out.

But, and here’s the kicker, if you are really interested in hearing more of my thoughts about film, I’m kicking off a new series of posts on PreachingFriars.org called “Friar Flix” (that’s just the beta name – send in another if you are up to it!). I will review top movies,give my short movie review, along with a certain “rating system” based on arcane astrological theories and involving heavenly bodies of some sort.

The Friar Flix movie reviews will start to appear on the site coincident with the formal launch of our new Vox Clamantis preaching project for Lent. So, celebrate Lent in style this year with abstaining from sin and indulging in copious cinematographic excursions!

Keep checking this site and PreachingFriars.Org for updates!


Yours in Christ,

Br. James Dominic, OP

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