A Little Cumberbatch-Esqe Fun

Dear Reader,

This is probably one of the most random things I’ve discovered on the Web.

Nothing crazy – just Benedict Cumberbatch reading “Little Red Hen.”

You know who’s going to be in The Hobbit? Oh, right, Benedict-fricking-Cumberbatch

Another slightly stalker-ish video I just found as a Youtube suggestion on the aforementioned video is of Benedict dancing at a party to the tune of MJ’s “Thriller”:

I have to be honest – this channel on Cumberbatch is run by a stalker (who else grabs 482 videos of Benedict Cumberbatch doing random things?). I am kind-of freaked out that people stalk Benedict Cumberbatch, of all people.

That’s so strange.

What’s even better? A montage about my favorite super-villain and professors of maths extraordinaire –  James Moriarty – set to the song “Remember the Name.”


Yours in Christ,

Br. James Dominic, OP

(Definitely not a Benedict Cumberbatch stalker)

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